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Academic R E-Prime EEG

As a cognitive neuroscientist, my projects are a blend of cognitive psychology, computer science, statistics, neuroimaging, and neuroscience principles. This blog serves mainly as resource to myself (so I can refer to how I did something), but also aims to teach others.

The Blue Line

Hockey Analytics R Power Play

I love the sport of hockey. In my spare time, I like to apply some of the statistical techniques that I’ve learned in my classes and research projects to hockey data. This hockey analytics blog serves to help hone my data science skills, teach R, and (hopefully) provide new insights to this amazing sport.

Recent Posts

Bootstrapping and Permutation Testing: A Shiny App

June 7, 2018 Academic R Shiny App

A Shiny application visualizing the differences between bootstrapping and permutation testing.

Simulating 2018 NCAA March Madness Tournament Performance in R

March 20, 2018 Academic R

When a bunch of grad students get together to simulate college basketball tournament performance using R.

Multilevel Modeling in R with NHL Power Play Data

February 11, 2018 Academic Hockey Analytics R Power Play

A collaboration post about multilevel modeling in R using professional hockey data from the NHL.

Writing a Literature Review

September 25, 2017 Academic

A post about writing my first literature review. Things that worked/did not work for me.

Using Xbox Controllers and Sending EEG Triggers with E-Prime

June 12, 2017 Academic R E-Prime EEG

A post about interfacing E-Prime 2.0 with an Xbox controller and passing stimulus/response triggers.

ggplot2 Histogram Logo Fail

May 15, 2017 Academic R

A (probably) pointless post about forcing spaces in ggplot2 histograms.

Stop Using Excel to Preprocess E-Prime Data

May 15, 2017 Academic R E-Prime

A post demonstrating an efficient data pipeline for E-prime users.

The Last Decade: NHL’s Best and Worst Power Play Teams

May 15, 2017 Hockey Analytics R Power Play

A hockey analytics post about 5 vs. 4 NHL powerplays from 2007-2017.